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Now offering free delivery and pick up to your requested Los Angeles location for all rental orders!
Now offering free delivery to your requested Los Angeles location for all rental orders!

At Audio For All we believe that access to quality music and audio equipment should be simple and frustration-free. 

For newer musicians, producers, and engineers, the process of selecting and acquiring the right equipment to get the job done can be tedious, confusing, and expensive. A vast majority of these purchases end up being conducted remotely via online websites like eBay, which means that the buyer cannot try the item out beforehand. Our goal is to make this process easier and allow you to find exactly what you want before investing larger amounts of your hard-earned money in a piece of hardware.

Audio For All is in business to democratize hardware for everyone in L.A. We are your rental house.

Tania - Managing Director / Co-Founder

Tania is the managing director of Audio For All, which means she leads all day-to-day operations, projects, and developments of the company. She has a Masters in Science and Technology Studies (STS) and regularly reads curious texts from STS's small sub-discipline of Sound Studies.  Her primary musical interests are classical Hindustani vocal techniques, deep house, and all things with an ethnomusicological perspective.

Andy - Technical Director / Co-Founder

Andy is the technical director of Audio For All, which means he is in charge of maintaining and fixing all of the equipment in our collection. He has a background in electronic music production and has previous experience releasing music on independent labels and performing in small venues on the East Coast. He has also previously taught private guitar and music theory lessons. His primary musical interests are experimental electronic music creation, building DIY electronic devices, and audio engineering/mixing for other artists.




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